• Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

ENL Consortium Vaccinates Dockworkers against Covid19

passport vicky haastrup
ENL Consortium Headquarters

ENL Consortium, the operator of Terminals C and D at the Lagos Port Complex Apapa, has vaccinated dockworkers at its terminal as part of measures to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exercise, conducted by authorised health officials, was carried out from late January to 2nd February 2021.

The Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of ENL Consortium, Princess Vicky Haastrup, said at the occasion that “The Federal and State Governments as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO) have told us that COVID 19-vaccines are effective and can lower the risk of getting and spreading the virus. Vaccines also help prevent serious illness and death in children and adults even if they get infected by COVID-19.

“Also, don’t forget that port workers, including dockworkers are essential workers. The ports must keep operating round the clock in order to keep the economy moving and to ensure the continuous supply of essential commodities to Nigerians. Dockworkers are important to ensuring continuity at the port, and we care for their well being.”

Also commenting on the development, Comrade Kunle Bamimodu, an official of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), expressed appreciation to the Executive Vice Chairman of ENL, Princess Vicky Haastrup, for the initiative to bring the vaccination conveniently direct to the dockworkers’ point of duty, saying that “Without mincing words, this is a nice gesture to the workers. We all appreciate her for bringing this vaccination exercise to the terminal. It makes it easy for us to get vaccinated.”

The dockworkers also thanked ENL Consortium’s management for the vaccination.