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Full Page N450,000.00 USD2,118.00
Half Page N295,000.00 USD1144.00
Quarter Page N150,000.00 USD593.00
Front page Bottom Strip N120,000.00 USD762.70
Back page Bottom Strip N95,000.00 USD 635.50
Inside Front Page N375,000.00 USD2500.00
Inside Back Page N310,000.00 USD2203.40
Back page N395,000.00 USD2711.90
Centre Spread N850,000.00 USD3559.30
Centre Spread Strip N200,000.00 USD1186.40
Centre Spread Half page N470,000.00 USD2,203.40
Front Page Ear Piece N95,000.00 USD635.00
Back Page Ear Piece N75,000.00 USD508.00


For other space dimensions, please contact, Dredge, Drill & Haul Advert Department.

Advertisers/Agencies will provide artwork or CDs containing their materials, where necessary. Artwork prepared by Dredging and Exploration attract 15% surcharge. All materials should be based on A4 size , 210 X 297mm.

ELECTRONIC ADVERT RATES. For adverts on www.ddhmag.com

DDHMAG www.ddhmag.com Online Advert Rate
Location Size in Pixels Monthly rate
Home Page  (Top Banner) 728 x 90 N550,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Home Page (Bottom Banner) 728 x 90 N350,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Home Page (Bottom Banner) 300 x 250 N250,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Home Page (Top Side Banner) 300 x 250 N250,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Top Side Banner 300 x 250 N140,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Top Side Banner 300 x 60 100,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Bottom Side Banner 300 x 250 N140,000.00 + 7.5% VAT
Bottom Side Banner 300 x 60 100,000.00 + 7.5% VAT


Preparation, Submission, Fine Print, and other Conditions

Banner ads can be in swf, jpeg and gif format.

All ads must be delivered in electronic version, either on disk or via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimensions unless otherwise noted.

DDH will make the ad into a hyperlink to a designated Internet World Wide Web address.

DDH reserves the right to accept, reject, and/or cancel any ad at its sole discretion. Ads are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser has the rights to publish the contents of the ad. The advertiser agrees to indemnify DDH, its officers, and its business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from the online publishing of the ad.

Pricing is subject to change, but ads currently running are protected from price increases until the ad run expires. The ad run starts the day the ad is published in the DDH website and runs for the time period contracted for.

Payment (payable to DDH’s account) must accompany all advertisements in full. We will not run any advert without pre-payment in full.

Payment may be made by cheque, cash or money transfer and must be in US dollars or Nigerian Naira.Direct payments can be made into our Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc account with the following details:

Account Name: Acorn Media Services Ltd
Branch: Ikota Shopping Complex Ajah Lagos.
Account Number: 6111002064.

DDH, its officers, and its business partners shall in no way be liable for any costs or damage if for any reason it fails to publish the advertisement in DDH’s website. In no event shall DDH, its officers, and its business partners be liable for any damages of any kind as the result of any mistake in the ad or for any other reason.

DDH, its officers, and its business partners will not be liable for delays in delivering ads or the non-delivery of ads in the event of Act of God; action by any governmental or quasi-governmental agency; riots; strikes (legal or illegal); Internet interruption, slowdown, “brownout,” “blackout,” or stoppage (legal or illegal) of any kind; embargos; fires; floods; or any other condition beyond control of DDH.

For Details, please contact:
By email: editor@ddmag.com
Or Call 08033378735 or +234-1-7928166 or +234 1 7914801