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ASCON, Badagry Lagos Nigeria.
September 13-15, 2013.

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Caterpillar Paving Technology Maximizes Productivity
Customer input is the driving force behind many recent technological improvements that are engineered and built into Caterpillar's new paving, compaction and cold-planing products on display at bauma in Munich, in hall B6 and in the adjoining external area.
“Customers tell us they want technology with function—technology that helps them improve their productivity and their bottom lines,” says Jim McReynolds, President, Caterpillar Paving Products. “Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with solutions that reduce their owning and operating costs.”
Improved Technology
Products on display showcase Cat® Paving technology, and the advantages it helps deliver.
Cat Grade and Slope
Many new Cat pavers and cold planers feature Cat Grade and Slope technology, engineered to help paving crews precisely lay and mill material. Cross coupling provides a consistent slope despite elevation changes. The technology is easy for both paver and cold planer operators to understand, and for crews to utilize.
The Mobil-Trac undercarriage, available on many new Cat pavers, provides best-in-class traction, with the highest travel speed and the best maneuverability. The system helps ensure work is completed quickly, and pavers can perform under varied and demanding conditions.
Redirection of fumes
Independent researchers recently concluded that as much as 92 percent of fumes are removed or redirected from Cat pavers by the exclusive Cat Fumes Management System. The fumes are redirected from operators of both the paver and the screed.
Cat Compaction Control
Cat Compaction Control is featured on new Cat soil compactors, Cat tandem vibratory compactors and Cat pneumatic rollers. Cat Compaction Control provides operators with information to help them ensure high quality compaction is achieved. For soil compactors, the basic system provides compaction measurement using either Compaction Meter Value (CMV) or Machine Drive Power (MDP) technology, with the ability to augment the system with GPS mapping capability. For tandem vibratory rollers and pneumatic compactors, the system provides pass-count information and GPS mapping, enabling the operators to achieve more homogeneous and effective compaction by ensuring the proper number of passes are made. Features beyond pass-count information are available, including infrared sensors on the front and rear to continuously measure asphalt temperatures. The accumulated data may be stored for later analysis so processes can be examined and adjusted.

Cat Compaction Control with Machine Drive Power (MDP)
Machine Drive Power (MDP), an exclusive technology, is available on new Cat B-Series soil compactors. It performs well on most jobsite applications and soil types: fine, granular and cohesive. It works on smooth drums and can be used on padfoot drums and smooth drums equipped with a padfoot shell kit. It is unique in that it measures compaction with the vibe system on or off.
MDP measures rolling resistance as an indication of soil stiffness. It measures closer to the depth that the machines are able to compact. It also measures closer to lift thickness. The measurements are less impacted by the dampening effect of cohesive soils, so it can be used on padfoot machines.
Cat Compaction Control, whether using CMV or MDP measurement, can also utilize a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), such as GPS, to provide positioning information to map pass count, coverage and compaction measurement details. This data can be stored for review at a later time.
“We continue to leverage our decades of experience in the paving industry, and also to listen to our customers and, with their help, develop technology that provides solutions,” McReynolds says. “As we develop new and improved technologies, we always ask ourselves, 'How can we make them easier for customers to utilize on their jobsites?' At Caterpillar Paving Products, the goal is developing technologies that are so advanced they work effortlessly behind the scenes to greatly improve product performance and reduce owning and operating costs.”


New Cat® D6K2 Benefits from Refined Blade, Fuel Economy, Productivity.

The new Cat® D6K2 Track-Type Tractor delivers unmatched finish grading performance and improved fuel economy. New Stable Blade Control feature utilizes technology which complements operator blade control input, making it the best finish grading tractor in the industry. Eco Modes, both forward and/or reverse, improve fuel economy up to 22% depending on the applications for lower operating costs. The new D6K2 uses the powerful Cat C6.6 ACERT™ engine that meets Stage IIIB and Tier 4 Interim emissions requirements. K2 models feature hydrostatic drive with Traction Control, which reduces track slip at maximum load. New wider blades allow more ground to be covered in one pass and provide up to 8 % productivity improvement in slot dozing applications. New manual adjustable pitch allows the operator to control blade pitch fore/aft for maximum productivity in various material conditions.
The K2 models blend these new features with the basic field-proven design of their K Family predecessors, a design that includes single-lever travel/steering control, spacious operator's station with standard air conditioning with cab-equipped, single-lever blade control, Cat Sealed-and-Lubricated Track (S&LT) or Cat SystemOne™ undercarriage for lowest undercarriage cost per hour. The D6K2 benefits from the recently introduced undercarriage improvements of the D6K. The combination of eight bottom rollers and two carrier rollers allow for a smoother ride and better finish grading capabilities at a higher speed.
Net power ratings are 97 kW/130 hp at 2,200 rpm. The new C6.6 ACERT engine features Air To Air After Cooling, a new electric fuel priming pump, and a passive regeneration system for emissions reduction.
Operating Efficiency
Stable Blade Control supplements the operator's blade-control input, helping to reduce operator effort and fatigue, while increasing productivity in finish grading applications. The Stable Blade Control feature remains activated unless cancelled by the operator. For even more productivity, the blade pitch adjustment design has been simplified to allow the operator to adjust blade pitch, for example, selecting a more aggressive setting for hard blade loading or pitching the blade rearward for more blade carry capacity. The D6K2 offers wider VPAT blades (both standard and foldable versions), which can boost productivity as much as 8%.
The new Eco Mode system for the D6K2 model can improve fuel economy by up to 22 percent by reducing engine speed when maximum rpm is not required. Eco Mode has two settings - Forward/Reverse or Reverse Only - that are selected via the rotary throttle. Once set, Eco Mode automatically controls engine speed at optimal levels, rapidly delivering back maximum engine speed and power when required.
Traction Control is an operator-activated system that reduces track slippage under heavy load by sensing and controlling track speed, resulting in fewer situations where operator must lift the blade to prevent track slip. The benefits include higher production, less undercarriage wear and reduced operator fatigue. Undercarriage configurations include XL (Extra Long) and LGP (Low Ground Pressure) versions, with an LGP version that features 760 mm (30-inch) track shoes.
For the ultimate in operator comfort, an optional package provides a heated/ventilated seat. Electro-hydraulic seat-mounted controls isolate the operator from vibrations and the new armrests can be easily adjusted.
For increased productivity and efficient grading and contouring work, the D6K2 can be equipped with the optional Cat AccuGrade™ system for automated blade control. AccuGrade can use laser, total station or satellite positioning systems as the guidance source. AccuGrade is designed to reduce the need for surveying, to eliminate rework and to unburden the operator when doing finish grading. AccuGrade has demonstrated itself as a solution to reduce overall machine operating costs in doing more, and accurate work with less fuel burned.


The State of Nigerian Dredges: A New Dredge Repair Yard.

Many dredges being offered by dredge owners for contracts in the Nigerian industry right now are far from healthy. There are stories of dredges being paid for and on mobilization to site, they begin to manifest serious problems of disrepair. For many days or weeks or months, the client cannot have his milestones met because the dredge is down while efforts are being made to buy spare parts or to bring experienced mechanics to perform needed repairs.
Describing this ugly situation, Sir Isaac Chuks, CEO of Funq Tai Engineering Company, summed it up that many “Nigerian dredges work for two hours and spoil for five hours”. Read more.

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