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5th Nigerian Dredging Summit and Quarry Exhibition Calabar 2011

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Workflow” by Leica Geosystems
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Venue: The Mirage Hotel, Calabar, Cross River State.
Date: September 14 – 16, 2011 (Wednesday – Friday).
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM Daily.

Field Trips
1. The First Colonial Government House in Calabar.
2. Calabar River Dredging sites.

Attendance Fee And Method Of Registration
N75,000.00 per participant.

Names of intending participants from companies and organizations should reach our office on or before three weeks from date of commencement of the programme.

Payment can be made by cheque or into our account at any branch of GT Bank Plc as follows:
Account Name: Dredge Skills and Marine Training Centre Ltd
Account Number: 227-647203-110.

Exhibition Opportunities
All organizations interested in mounting any exhibition are required to contact the organizers well in advance in view of management and preparation of the floor space. A floor plan will be made available closer to the time of the event. Each booth measures 3m x 3m (9 sq.m). Provided in each booth: 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 Faschia sign of occupant and power socket. At least 3 months lead time is required for all organizations wishing to set up a booth or other exhibitions like posters, etc.

Cost of Booths for Exhibition : N100,000.00 per booth
Poster Exhibition: Organizations wishing to set up posters in any sections of the hall should inform the organizers well in advance for necessary arrangements towards this.

Special Seminar Topics:

Dredging Seminars And Lectures:
A. “The effects of hydrographic surveys in dredging activities: a case study of Calabar Port dredging campaign” by Nigerian Ports Authority.
B. “Nurturing A Viable Cabotage Industry For Safety, Security And Greater Participation Of Nigerians Through The Local Content Development Initiative.”
C. “The Nigerian Coastal Road: A Niger Delta highway with 160 Bridges” by NDDC.
D. “The National Content Law and Empowerment of Local Operators” by the NCDMB.
E. “Training Profiles for the Marine Industry” by Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.
F. “The Lower River Niger Dredging project- Noise or Reality” by NIWA.
G. “Pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys and resolution of disputes about quantity” by Surveyor Felix Osanebi.
H. “Remediation techniques in the Niger Delta areas” by NODSRA.
I. “Essentials of managing effective dredging outfits” by Engr Ben Efekarurhobo.
J. “Oil and gas field dredging contracts: Requirements for successful bidding” by SPDC.
K. Plus presentations and videos by participating ministries and agencies, equipment manufacturers and vendors, consultants, etc.

Quarry And Mining:
A. “Maximizing the usage of explosives in mining activities: Environmental precautions for public safety” by Engr. L Ohize (Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development).
B. “Remediation of damaged mining sites” by Cross River State Ministry of Environment.
C. “Modern mining techniques” by Nigerian Institute of Mining and Geoscieces, Jos.
D. “Mineral investigation techniques and Cross River State mineral deposit profile” by Dr Archibong O. Bassey.
E. “EIA: Pre- and post-mining surveys for compliance with extant laws” by Federal Ministry of Environment.
F. “Community relations for peaceful mining activities” by Coalition of civil society groups in Cross River State.

For any enquiries, please contact:

TEL: +234 1 7928166; +234 (0)803 337 8735.





Developments in the Niger Delta...
The Niger Delta in Nigeria continues to be in the news nowadays but mainly in the positive direction. Gone are the daily anomalies of kidnapping and oil community restiveness. Now in pursuit of Nigeria’s Federal Government programme of ex-militants’ training and rehabilitation in local and foreign institutions, more and more of their numbers are in schools and re-orientation camps in Nigeria, Ghana, Europe and the US. That is one.

Two, there is a spate of major new infrastructure developments now taking place in the Niger Delta. A brand new airport project is kick-starting in Yenagoa, that most riverine of Nigeria’s state capitals. It is on record that the entire space of the airport facility will be sand-filled, thus requiring millions of cubic tons of sharp sand. Again, there is right now in fast track development thousands of kilometers of a road construction popularly known as the Coastal Road under the auspices of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC. It will stretch from Lagos to Calabar and will have 160 concrete bridges. And if you are already familiar with the Niger Delta, you will agree with me that it accounts for well over 50% of all dredging projects going on in Nigeria at any particular point in time.
Thus, much is still happening in Nigeria’s Niger Delta and these continue to give impetus to our hosting of the annual dredging summits and exhibitions in Calabar, Cross River State.

Quarry and Solid Minerals:
This year, the 5th Nigerian Dredging Summit will incorporate a Quarry Exhibition. The idea is to accommodate not only dredge manufacturers and vendors but also to give an added opportunity to manufacturers and vendors of mining, quarry and solid mineral production equipment, locally and overseas, to come and interact with the local population in view of the abundance of solid minerals in the state. Aside from Nassarawa State in the north central part of Nigeria, Cross River State comes second in endowment with scores of solid minerals of very immediate industrial applications.

According to Dr Archibong Otu Bassey, “minerals which occur in Cross River State are classified into four main groups namely:
i) Non metallic (industrial) minerals and rocks
ii) Metallic (or base metal)
iii) Gemstone
iv) Energy and fuel minerals
Investment opportunities exist in certain strategic mineral projects for which there are abundant raw materials but which are presently not being exploited because of lack of required technology. The areas include but not limited to the following:
a) Hydrated Lime production;
b) Lead/Zinc Smelting;
c) Pharmaceutical Grade Kaolin Production;
d) Phosphate Beneficiation;
e) Baryte Processing
f) Bentonite processing;
g) Feldspar processing;
h) Granite Cutting and polishing;
i) Talc Beneficiation; etc.

As an example, if the three categories of crude salt available in the Cross River State namely sea-water, inland brine and rock salt can be fully exploited through the foreign and local joint venture operations, Cross River State can produce 500,000 tonnes of crude salt per annum and establish a choir-alkali plant that can process common salt into caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, soda ash and hydrochloric acid.”

Major operators in the solid minerals sector which are active in Calabar and surrounding towns and villages include UniCem, Julius Berger, Gito Engineering, Crushed Rock Industries, Hitech, RCC, Borini Porini, Arab Contractors and more than 20 other construction and quarrying companies registered for mining in the state.

Therefore, we feel that there is a convergence of a patriotic and a commercial need to strongly invite manufacturers, vendors and dealers of quarry and similar equipment to come to the Calabar event this year, both to participate by showcasing their wares and to explore opportunities for profitable business in an increasingly versatile area of Nigeria studded with solid minerals, oil and gas and maritime resources.

Oil and gas:
Moreover, with the recent passage into law of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010, the National Content Monitoring and Development Board has stepped up activities to liaise with all oil and gas operating companies to comply and domiciliation of various production centres for tools readily used in Nigeria’s oil and gas and allied industries is now the vogue among frontline companies. Opportunities abound here and this Monitoring Board always attends the summit and uses it to reach out to participants from locally and overseas on collaborative initiatives to empower competent Nigerian workers and companies and achieve the profitable operations of such overseas companies in an atmosphere of industrial peace and harmony. Recently, it has moved to set up a pipe-mill in Nigeria in collaboration with Chinese corporate interests.

Dredging :
The Nigerian Ports Authority has moved to re-award the dredging of the 84-kilometre Calabar River channel. Due to the challenges of poor draught in this part of Nigeria’s port system, depths cannot be kept according to advertised draughts despite two recent dredging campaigns which fell short of expectation. In short, this militates against big ships coming into the modern Calabar port. Following pressures from the Cross River State Government and other major stakeholders, the federal government has commenced moves to re-award the dredging contract and this would be auspicious for this year’s dredging summit deliberations as participants would likely get to visit the dredging locations as part of the usual field trips which are becoming hallmarks of the annual events. Additionally, the supply of sand for aspects of the Coastal Road that traverses Calabar and environs looks set to galvanize the demand for dredging services in this part of the country in 2011. Then there is also the State Government’s composite estate project called Energy City whose demand for sand is in multiple millions of cubic tons! This estate will comprise residential, commercial and industrial housing and infrastructure targeted at oil and gas industry operators.

Public sector dredging projects like the activities of the Lagos Channel Management and Bonny Channel Company remain pivotal for the sustenance of the maritime industry in Nigeria today and as joint venture partners with the Nigerian Ports Authority always take part in the annual events to keep the industry and the nation well-informed about imperatives for a healthy port industry. With the imminent execution of the Train 7 of the Bonny LNG project, dredging of the channel is all the more essential. These topics will be covered in their presentations this year. The summit looks forward to a report from the contractors of the Lower River Niger dredging project, two years after its official commissioning, to break the jinx of obscurity, hiding and seeming tardiness in that reportedly N34 billion project!

Needless to say, the Niger Delta is located in delicate environment of islands, mangrove, swamp and similar topographical makeup. Environmental degradation has a history here. Therefore remediation and its techniques are prime topics for a good presentation during our annual summits. In the past, we have had presentations from various public and private sector entities, not least a wonderful presentation by the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency which was delivered at the 2010 event in Tinapa Business Resort.

Please see the first call for papers column for other logistic details about the 5th Nigerian Dredging Summit and Quarry Exhibition. Email us at


Request for Abstracts and Expression of interest...



The Abstracts Committee of “The 5th Nigerian Dredging Summit & Quarry Exhbition, Calabar 2011, would like to hereby invite all interested persons and organisations who wish to do so, to submit for consideration, papers, for inclusion in the summit presentations.
The presentations may have a focus on any of the various aspects of dredging and dredging technology, quarrying and mining production, financing, field operations security, manpower and manpower development programmes, community and social responsibility priorities in agitated communities, remediation and eco-dredging.
All other areas can be proposed for the healthy development of the sector in Nigeria..

Please note:
• Abstracts for both individual papers and symposia (up to four linked papers) will be considered.
• Both qualitative and quantitative papers containing graphics and animations, etc are encouraged.
• As much as possible, all presentations should be made subject to electronic display on a projector. A Laptop computer for this purpose shall be provided.

Checklist for submitting abstracts:
1. Clearly state your name, address, and email address and preference for oral/projector presentation.
2. Your paper may use a structured format like below or any other simple method:
• Aim / objective
• Main issues at stake
• Analysis of main issues
• Conclusion
3. Papers (including case studies/audits) may report findings if possible.
4. The presenting speaker should be named in bold letters.
5. Please also note in bold the theme or subject heading where you would like your paper considered for inclusion.
6. Papers must be typed in MS Word 97 or MS Word 2000, font 12 point, Times New Roman, word limit not more than 700 – 1,000 words.
7. Work presented at another conference may be eligible for consideration. Please contact the Committee for advice.
8. Email your abstract to or
9. For any other questions about paper submission or the Summit, please contact us at: or

Presentation format
Individual presentations are likely to be 30 – 45 mins with 15 mins question time. Confirmation of presentation length will accompany feedback from the Abstract Committee.

Abstract Review Committee:
• Prof P.C. Nwilo – University of Lagos, Nigeria, Department of Surveys and Geoinformatics.
• Dr Charles Asenime – Lagos State University, Nigeria, School of Transportation.
• Dr Ege Emmanuel - University of Lagos, Department of Geography.
• Dr Obed Ndikom – Tai Solarin University of Education, Ibadan, Nigeria, Dept of Geography and Environmental Management.
• Dr J M Akande – Federal University of Tech, Akure, Dept of Mining Engineering.
• Dr Archibong Otu Bassey, Manufacturers Investment Consults Ltd.
• Edmund Chilaka – Dredge Skills & Marine Training Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.


VENUE: The Mirage Hotel, Calabar, Cross River State.
Date: September 14 – 16, 2011 (Wednesday – Friday).
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM Daily

Already Adopted Seminar Topics:
“The Nigerian Coastal Road: A Road with 160 Bridges"
“The National Content Law and Empowerment of Local Operators"
“Training Profiles for the Marine Industry”
"The Lower River Niger Dredging - Noise or Reality"
"Pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys and dispute resolution"
"Remediation techniques in the Niger Delta areas"
"Essentials of managing different dredging outfits"

Other topics and lectures will be presented by other resource persons, participating Institutions, Agencies and Companies.

Special Tour:
Tour of the Calabar River Dredging Site.

Some of the Institutional Participants Expected :
Federal Ministry of Transport Abuja.
Nigerian Ports Authority and its Joint Ventures (LCM and BCC).
Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency.
Maritime Academy of Nigeria.
National Inland Waterway Authority.
State Governments of Niger Delta.
Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.
Federal Ministry of Environment.
Niger Delta Development Commission.
Nigerian Content Monitoring and Control Board.
National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency.
Etc. Etc.

Attendance Fees:
Delegates: N75,000.00 each
Group Delegates (up to 5 in group): N60,000.00 each.

Poster Exhibition Opportunities
All organizations interested in mounting any exhibition are required to contact the organizers well in advance in view of management and preparation of the floor space. A floor plan will be made available closer to the time of the event. Each booth measures 3m x 3m (9 sq.m). Provided in each booth: 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 Faschia sign of occupant and power socket.
Cost of Booths for Exhibition : $750.00 per booth

Advertising and Sponsorship
There is provision for advertising in the Summit brochure or in Corporate sponsorship for the event. Aside from sending delegates to the summit, all interested organizations seeking partnership, marketing , advertising and sponsorship opportunities are welcomed to contact the organizers very early for possible areas of collaboration. (See contact details below).
Cost of Advertising in the Dredging Summit Brochure: All adverts are in colour.
Full Page Colour : N100,000.00
Inside Front Page: N150,000.00
Insdie Back page: N125,000.00
Back Page: N175,000.00

Ranging from N25,000.00 for Quarter page.
For other page sizes please contact the organizers.

Mode of Payment
By cheque, made payable to DREDGE SKILLS AND MARINE T.C. LTD. Or by payment into our bank account from any part of the country or abroad. To get the bank details, please contact the organisers with the details below.

Room rate discounts at Partner Hotels.
Discount on room rates will apply to delegates who choose to stay at our Partner Hotels for the event during the duration of the Summit and within that week. To enjoy this discount, you will have to show that you have paid the attendance fees. Your bank payment slip will suffice for this. For other details of this arrangement and the amount of discount, please contact the organizers by phone or email.

Partner Hotels and Discounted Room Rates
1. Mirage Hotel, MCC Road, Calabar: 08037098892 (Front office)
Presidential Suite 40,000.00
Ambassadorial Suite 30,000.00
Business Suite 23,000.00
Deluxe Double 20,000.00
Imperial Double 16,000.00
Standard Double 14,000.00
Executive Single 12,000.00

Mirage Hotel will give a general discount of 25% to all delegates who have registered for the 5th Nigerian Dredging Summit taking place there. Registered delegates can also request us to make a booking for them.

2. Davvy Hotel, 116 Asari Eso Layout, Calabar, 08035590129.
Budget rooms have been negotiated at N9,000.00 per night for Executive Single Rooms for all delegates registered for the 5th Nigerian Dredging Summit. For all other categories of rooms, discounts will also apply. Interested delegates can also register through us, if they so prefer.

3. Ntunkhae Hotel, Diamond Hill, Calabar. 08034158480.
Room rates here range around N5,000.00 and upwards per night. Discounts can also apply here for interested delegates.

Other good hotels in Calabar include:
a. Amber Tinapa Hotel, Calabar.
b. La Heritage Suites, Calabar.
c. Hotel Icon (Off MCC Road), Calabar.

Contact Details
All other inquiries are welcome and should be directed as follows:
via email: or
Or by phone: +234 1 7928166; +234 1 7914801; +234 (0)803 337 8735.


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